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From research to content tools: mapping content to customer journeys

Once you have personas for your major customer segments, you can create customer journeys for them. Go back to the interviews and online survey responses and gather your data as a start. Some content elements are quite straightforward, while others will require some creative thinking and extrapolating.

Customer-focused content: 10 do’s and 10 don’ts

It’s no secret that if you want to engage your customers, you need customer-focused content. Here are some tips to keep you focused.

Content strategy in 8 simple steps

The content strategy process isn’t complex.The challenge is in mustering the commitment and willpower to do it. Here are eight surprisingly simple steps for you to follow if you’re serious about implementing a content strategy.

Content leaders: Manager, strategist, or practitioner?

In a job interview for a mid-level position, I was once asked “When you move into a senior role, do you see yourself as a strategist, a manager, or a practitioner?” Until that moment, I hadn’t realized that there are different paths that people can take to grow their skills and build their career. Now, […]

The content strategy conversation is skewed, and that’s a problem

Conversations about content strategy are creating a false sense of industry maturity for many companies and new content strategists.

Team CSI gets certified in change management methodology

Becoming certified in change management means we’ll be able to help our clients more effectively during the implementation stage of content strategy.

Content strategy project delivers Tourism Saskatchewan a roadmap for change

Learn how we collaborated with the Tourism Saskatchewan team on a content strategy that improves customer experience, inspires travel, and moves from traditional to digital content.

City of Surrey launches their new, user-focused home page

We love seeing our recommendations come to life. That’s why we were thrilled to hear that The City of Surrey updated their home page according to their new content strategy! Last year we worked with them to create a strategy that would help the website better meet audience needs, while also conveying messages important to the […]

From research to content tools: Personas and scenarios

Audience findings aren’t useful if they’re filed away on someone’s hard drive. Gathering content insights is just the beginning. It’s time to take the next step and start building out tools for your content team. Personas are a great place to start. They’re fictional archetypes that represent your company’s distinct customer groups. These customer groups would […]

From research to content tools: Online surveys

Online surveys are a great method for measuring attitudes or behaviours around content. They’re ideal for putting numbers behind the content insights you gathered during audience interviews.

From research to content tools: In-person interviews & focus groups

Start your audience research journey with a qualitative method. Speak to a sample of your audience in person to gather insights on their content experiences, attitudes, wants, and needs. Make sure you begin with a blank slate. This is your chance to uncover insights you might never have thought of – not to confirm your […]

It’s all about the audience: From research to content tools

The clients we work with typically understand how helpful audience research can be. They know research gives their audience a voice and aligns their stakeholders. Often, organizations we work with either have their own customer experience team, or partner with people who specialize in user experience research.

Coordinating multiple teams across time zones for the Investors Group project

There’s nothing quite like Winnipeg in December. Unless you’re comparing that experience to Winnipeg in January. On one of my trips to the city I was informed that there have been days at Portage and Main when it was colder than on Mars.

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