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Our content strategy project with Tourism Saskatchewan

There’s this joke that people tell about Saskatchewan: “Saskatchewan is so flat you can watch your dog run away for three days.” I’m here to tell you that is not entirely true.

Servus Credit Union project wrap report

I grew up in Edmonton, partly. Most of my time at elementary school was spent collecting hockey cards and cheering for the Oilers. That was in the dynasty days when Gretzky, Kurri, and Messier were all there and Stanley Cup victories were a regular occurence.

Changing your mindset: Replacing lure content with discovery content

We recently had a client who referred to their glossy marketing content as lure content. Large enticing photos, minimal text, clear calls to action. Content designed to get people to bite so they can be reeled in. I have a big problem with the whole concept of lure content.

A 12-step approach to move from content chaos to recovery

Many, if not most, companies have an unhealthy relationship with their content. They’re addicted to creating content—always more and more—long after it’s become a problem. They have dysfunctional relationships between teams, blaming others and denying responsibility. They feel out of control and overwhelmed and don’t know what to do about it.

Beyond user experience: The next content strategy challenge for content teams

It used to be that companies didn’t know how to create content to meet user needs. They struggled to figure what their audience needed, let alone how to meet that need. But over the past three years there’s been a complete sea change when it comes to in-house content strategy competency, particularly in the user […]

Evergreen or campaign content: which do I need?

It’s not uncommon for organizations to run with what they’re already comfortable producing. For many organizations, those are campaigns. For decades, agencies built their empires on the backs of global campaigns for giant brands, so it’s no surprise that, as a marketing strategy, the campaign is alive and well. But it’s more than just tradition. […]

Overcoming 5 sneaky pitfalls in audience and stakeholder interviews

In any content strategy effort, you’ll inevitably need information that other people have, whether they know it or not. Interviewing people can be hard work (which is why we have some general pro-tips). To help you get the most valuable information possible, we’ve come up with five sneaky challenges that often pop up and our […]

Content strategy skillsets: Build a better content team [Webinar Recording]

Building the right team – whether that means hiring new or training existing staff – depends on your team’s accountabilities. What are your areas of impact? What areas does your team have responsibly and control over? Websites? Social? Video? Images? UI text? Intranet? External communications? Campaigns? In order to have an impactful and lasting content […]

Get what you need: Interview pro tips from a journalist

Much of the research that goes into content strategy depends upon our ability to extract from audiences and stakeholders the information we need to make educated decisions. Such is the blessing and curse of user research: it’s based on real users. Interviews are intended to uncover these insights, but they’re not always straightforward. In fact, […]

Kickstarting a content strategy for Flatev

We love tacos. So we were excited for the challenge when we were approached by the New York- and Zurich-based creators of Flatev, the at-home tortilla making appliance, to develop a content strategy for their Kickstarter page and accompanying microsite.

Powerful testimonials for a good cause

Content Strategy Inc co-founder Kathy Wagner first met Olympic rower Chris Jarvis in 2010. Like Chris, Kathy’s daughter, Tanis, has type 1 diabetes, and was taking part in camps and other events that Chris organized through his foundation, I Challenge Diabetes (ICD).

College Pro taps CSI to help establish an effective, manageable content strategy

“We’re the only franchisor with a one-year agreement in our space,” said College Pro’s community manager Erin Scheel. “Franchisees don’t have to make a major capital investment, and you only have it for one year, so it creates some interesting recruitment challenges.” The company has engaged CSI to develop a cohesive content strategy vision across […]

Focus groups inform a better City of Surrey website

The City of Surrey is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Geographically, the municipality is the largest in British Columbia. With a population that has almost doubled to 500,000 over the last decade, expanding by 1,000 new residents every month, Surrey faces unique challenges in meeting the needs of its residents.

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