Content toolkit: Content scorecard template

Does your content make the grade?

The content scorecard template is a tool for evaluating your content against a set of criteria. By assigning a grade of A, B, C, D, or E (yikes), you get a snapshot of your content wins (or failures).

Consider using the scorecard approach if you’re looking for an overall sense of quality related to user experience and don’t need specific page information.

The template provides you with one example of a user scenario and scoring table for one content quality category. To use the template, identify a few scenarios you’d like to evaluate. Then, choose a number of categories to assess, and the criteria for each category. Create a scoring table for each category.

Tip: When selecting criteria to assess, focus on the areas that are most important to you. Don’t try to evaluate every content point possible.

Download the Content Scorecard Template (DOC)

Example categories and criteria

Feel free to use these categories and criteria in your scorecards, or modify them to suit your needs:

Content is on brand

  • Content aligns with company voice
  • Content uses the appropriate tone for the audience and purpose

Information design and writing standards are professional and effective

  • Content has no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Content is easy to read and understand
  • Titles, headings, and text are consistent and effective
  • Content is supported graphically

There is an appropriate level of substance and context

  • Content is useful and substantial
  • Content clearly indicates actions and next steps
  • Content provides enough background info

Content is effectively focused on the audience

  • Content speaks directly to the audience
  • Content is focused on user needs
  • Content meets the needs or answers the question posed by the scenario

Content is well organized

  • Navigation path to scenario content is easy to find and follow
  • Pages are organized logically and reflect user task flow
  • Page content, paragraph, and sentence hierarchy is apparent

Content is current and relevant

  • Content is up to date
  • Content is relevant to the audience
  • There are no gaps in the content

Download the Content Scorecard Template (DOC)

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