E Source Forum presentation summary: Speeding up customer service through content strategy

How improving customer experience in a knowledge centre saves costs

Our senior content strategist Blaine Kyllo joined Ken Bell, BC Hydro‘s Manager of Business Innovation and Operations Customer Service, on stage in September. The two shared how a content strategy aimed at BC Hydro’s front-line agents reduced call time and cuts cost for the utility company.

The E Source Forum is an annual event gathering representatives of different utility companies. It’s a chance for those organizations to share, to learn, and to have some fun, too.

“It was a pleasure presenting at the forum in Denver this fall,” says Blaine. “There’s growing interest among utilities in concepts like design thinking and service design, and a growing sophistication when it comes to understanding customers. Many of the companies are beginning to use personas and journeys as a way to better connect with customers. Those tactics are also important first steps on the way to content strategy.”

Blaine was able to meet other content people working on interesting challenges within their organizations, and got to know a number of the excellent E Source team, including Aleana Reeves and Joy Herbers.

Speeding up front-line customer service

Speeding up front-line customer service from Content Strategy Inc.


Check out Blaine and Ken’s presentation to learn:

  • The projected ROI on improving support pages.
  • Why it’s important to take control of support content for your employees.
  • How to apply user experience principles to internal audiences.
  • How standards can improve the usability of support pages.
  • Lessons learned and quick knowledge centre hacks.

Thanks to E Source Forum for the invitation to speak to utility professionals from across North America and congratulations to Blaine and Ken on their successful presentation!

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