Focus groups inform a better City of Surrey website

Data drives the design of municipality's online experience

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  • Jul 7 2016
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The City of Surrey is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Geographically, the municipality is the largest in British Columbia. With a population that has almost doubled to 500,000 over the last decade, expanding by 1,000 new residents every month, Surrey faces unique challenges in meeting the needs of its residents.

This spring, the City of Surrey’s online team, drawn to Content Strategy Inc’s research-based approach, hired us to support them in better serving their resident audiences through the City of Surrey website.

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“They are looking to data-driven decision making to inform their activity and spending,” said CSI content strategist Alyssa McLeod. “The whole of the project is research and discovery in an effort to help them become more effective and lean. They are constantly working towards more convenient, accessible ways of servicing the citizens of Surrey. We’ve been engaged to help them determine how best to do that through digital content.”

CSI conducted a series of six external focus groups to gather insights from citizens related to their needs, interests, motivations, and interactions with the City’s digital channels and content.

We also held three focus groups with City employees.

To validate and build upon insights uncovered from the focus groups, a survey was created and distributed to a mass audience through the City of Surrey’s social media channels and website.

With this data in hand, CSI can begin to design a content strategy informed by and aligned with the unique needs of the users it is designed to serve. CSI is now moving into recommendation stage. Watch for a case study in the months to come for further insights on this project.

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