Coordinating multiple teams across time zones for the Investors Group project

What we did for Investors Group

  • By Blaine Kyllo
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  • May 8 2017
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There’s nothing quite like Winnipeg in December. Unless you’re comparing that experience to Winnipeg in January. On one of my trips to the city I was informed that there have been days at Portage and Main when it was colder than on Mars.

I wasn’t too concerned about the weather outside, though, because I was inside, working with the dedicated and diligent content and production teams that manage things for Investors Group (IG), one of Canada’s oldest financial institutions.

CSI was working with IG on a revamp of the corporate intranet, providing an assessment of current practices and recommendations on a content strategy going forward.

This was an expansive and wide-ranging effort for CSI that included weeks of discovery, interviews and surveys with both the audience, the content teams, and the project stakeholders.

Why I loved this project

While IG’s headquarters are in Winnipeg and we spent time there, the team that hired us is in Toronto. Coordinating such a large project, with client teams in different locations (and time zones), and with nearly a dozen different deliverables, was a challenge.

We were up to the challenge, and over the course of our sixteen-week engagement we worked on nearly every aspect of content strategy, from conducting content assessments to developing content models to designing content processes.

This included taking into account translating content into French for IG’s many French populations across Canada.

Plus, I got a chance to wear my vintage wool winter coat in both Winnipeg and Toronto. I don’t get much use out of the garment living in Vancouver.

What I learned from this project

When we started working with the different teams within IG, we realized that there were some things that they could benefit from that weren’t part of the original plan. We were able to shift accordingly so that we could deliver what they needed, giving them a jump on success.

Often during this project we weren’t the only ones in the room. As a notable, Canada-wide company, IG had other projects running concurrent with ours. I appreciated the opportunity to work with so many different teams, including a few other vendors, all with IG’s best interests in mind.

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