A spring cleaning content toolbox

Start fresh

Kicking off a new year is always an exciting prospect. There’s optimism in the air. You’re starting fresh, with newly-minted ideas, plans, and strategies. “Get it done and make an impact” is your motto.

But before you get there, you may need to do a little spring cleaning. Just like when you move house, you need to chuck old and broken possessions to make room for what’s important now.

The same goes for content.

Spring cleaning is a way to clear out content that no longer serves your business or your customers. Use this time to streamline your content processes to be more efficient and strategic. And make breathing room to focus on your content vision and the team who’ll make it happen.

It’s a big job but it doesn’t have to be painful. We’ve got some ideas and are building a practical content toolbox to help you out.

Reduce, reduce, reduce

Reduce confusion. Reduce content. Reduce words. Reduce time. Reduce guesswork. To achieve all five, we’re filling up (and sharing) our content toolbox. These how-to’s, tools, and best practices will help you de-clutter your digital spaces, get clear on your content processes, and fire-up your team for exciting work ahead.

Next week we’ll give you the first tool to add to your toolbox, and we’ll keep adding more so check back often. Oh, and it’ll be all wrapped up in a fresh new website launched early this year along with a new quarterly newsletter. Can’t wait to share that too.

Here’s some of what you can look forward to over the next few months:

Reducing confusion

These tools lay the foundation for effective content teams and communication.

Reducing content

With these, you’ll learn how to identify out-of-date or ineffective content and what to do about it.

Reducing words

Less words usually means greater impact, so we’ll pull together tools to help you edit ruthlessly.

Reducing time

If you’re like many companies, you waste a lot of time being inefficient with your content processes. We’ll help with that too.

  • Content life cycle diagram
  • Content process tools

Reducing the guesswork

We’re often asked for tools and templates to help measure the success of content, and now we’re making them available for everyone.

  • Content evaluation best practices
  • Content measurement plan template

Want more?

This April, we’re launching our new quarterly newsletter, packed with practical content tools and insights without the fluff. Stay tuned for more information about signing up.

What tools do you need to get your content strategy moving? Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter @Team_CS_Inc to let us know and we’ll add them to the list.