About us

We're a consultancy focusing exclusively on digital content strategy.

Our clients are large organizations with complex content challenges, and a range of internal and external audiences. We help these organizations by building foundational long-term solutions for each one’s unique content needs.

Our clients rely on us to deliver:

Content Strategy Inc. was founded in 2013 in Vancouver, Canada, and serves clients around the globe. Our website content strategy experts advise clients on best practices, guest lecture at local and international academic institutions, and speak at international content conferences and events.

We monitor the latest research and earn ongoing accreditation and industry certifications in areas such as change management, taxonomy training, user experience (UX), and marketing leadership.

Our clients

Our clients come from diverse industries. Our strategic solutions help them shape their complex content into more effective experiences for their users.


We’re often on the lookout for experienced freelance digital copywriters and content strategists. Reach out and tell us about yourself!