Clients benefit when Powershifter picks up a content strategy partner

Powershifter is a boutique digital agency in Vancouver with a wide range of clients, including those in the finance, technology, and telecommunication industries.

When confronted with large, complex projects for clients who haven’t thought about content solutions, Powershifter turned to Content Strategy Inc. (CSI) as a partner.

Content is at the core of many business problems

Powershifter founder and creative director JP Holecka explained that most companies don’t fully understand how content strategy is part of the answer to their problems.

“Clients don’t know what effective content strategy can be,” said Holecka.

When companies don’t understand that their content should strategically map back to business goals, they don’t realize that content might be at the root of the solution, which is what Powershifter, and other agencies, are being asked to do.

But while Powershifter can handle strategy for smaller projects, Holecka admitted that his company doesn’t have “the level of sophisticated analysis and understanding” for larger, complicated projects.

“We’re looking for an analytical approach to content strategy,” he explained.

Evidence-based approach and detailed reporting

Our goal, when working with agencies, is to bring value to projects. This means bigger projects and increased revenues for the agency, and more comprehensive and actionable solutions for the clients.

And we help make the case for content strategy, from helping to shape proposals to showing the benefit of our work.

In one case, a content audit we performed for a Powershifter client revealed the content challenges that were ahead, and helped the client realize that our strategy work was critical to getting the results they wanted from the project.

With another project, Powershifter and CSI co-presented detailed content facts and findings, which helped the client realize what they thought was a design problem was actually a content problem. And it was bigger than they thought.

Seamless collaboration satisfies client needs

Because CSI is separate from Powershifter, Holecka said, clients place a high value on the results and recommendations of the content strategy work. It helps them see the difference between where they think they are, and where they actually are.

The rigour and detail of the content research combined with the deliverables that present solutions as systems is something that clients appreciate, he added.

“They have what they need to scale and go forward,” Holecka said. “They also know what they’ve spent money on: something tangible that they can refer back to and see the value of.”