City of Surrey launches their new, user-focused home page

A home page that puts audience needs first

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  • Jun 19 2017
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We love seeing our recommendations come to life. That’s why we were thrilled to hear that The City of Surrey updated their home page according to their new content strategy!

Last year we worked with them to create a strategy that would help the website better meet audience needs, while also conveying messages important to the city. The home page content was key.

Our findings

Through audience research, we discovered people weren’t finding the information they needed on the City of Surrey website, and ended up using other (more expensive) channels to meet those needs. There were a couple of causes for this:

  • Confusing labels and content organization
  • Hidden priority tasks and topics

Our recommendations

We identified the top six tasks rated as most important across all audiences and recommended these be readily apparent and accessible from the home page. It would be much easier for audiences to help themselves with clear pathways to priority user needs and tasks.

We broke the page down into zones for the City of Surrey, indicating where priority tasks and topics would be most helpful for audiences. See the original home page and our concept below.


Taken from recommendation report

Surrey’s response

The City of Surrey’s new home page is fantastic and clearly puts audiences needs first. The top six audience tasks are immediately apparent beside the image carousel in zone one. Plus, they’re written in user-focused language and present tense. Audiences will be able to quickly scan the text and take action.

Current page zone one

Zones two and three clearly identify priority user topics, but still allow audiences to discover the content the City of Surrey wants to prioritize. When audiences scan down the right side of the screen from zone one to three, they’ll see tasks and topics in order of priority.

Current page zone two

Current page zone three

Congratulations to the City of Surrey for putting audiences first right from the home page. We’re so glad to have been a part of this change! Check out more of our client work.

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