Content toolkit: Content quality audit template

A tool for identifying content strengths and opportunities

A content quality audit is a foundational activity that informs your content strategy by identifying strengths and weaknesses in existing content, and helping you to prioritize future content projects.

A content quality audit identifies strengths & weaknesses in existing content, & helps prioritize projects. Click To Tweet

To get started with an audit, adapt this Content Quality Audit Template to your own needs. Include all the URLs of the pages you’re auditing, and the audit criteria. In a large website with multiple sections, we create separate sheets for each section.

We recommend scoring pages between 1 and 5 for quality. You can then average the scores for all pages or individual criteria to get an overall snapshot of quality content.

See the Instruction sheet in the template for a description of the audit criteria and the scoring system. You can also learn more about scoring through our content quality audits article.

Download the Content Audit Template (XLS).

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