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How to evaluate content using a content scorecard

Content scorecards are great for demonstrating content strengths and weaknesses to busy stakeholders. When user testing isn’t an option, scorecarding is a fast and effective way to assess content.

Designing content process and workflow for large rewriting projects

Content processes are how people do the work of content. Workflow helps people do the work.

CSI’s Strategic Content Strategy Canvas

Download CSI’s Strategic Content Strategy Canvas and learn how to use it in this step-by-step instructional article. The canvas is a great way to ensure you have the necessary components in your content strategy, and can provide a quick snapshot for stakeholders of all the pieces of the content strategy.

Use our content strategy roadmap to implement your content strategy

There can feel like a real gap between the successful development of a content strategy and its implementation.

Whether you’re an in-house content leader who’s developed a content strategy with your team (bravo!) or you’ve brought in content strategy experts to help, you may find it daunting to initiate the multiple changes set out in your new content strategy. One tool we always include in our content toolkit, and one that can help with this challenge, is the content strategy roadmap.

How to audit content for migration part II: Spreadsheet template

All of that data you record during your migration audit doesn’t mean very much in its raw form. To turn it into meaningful, actionable information, you’ll need to perform a bit of spreadsheet magic.

From research to content tools: Audience messaging cards

Audience messaging cards help you create content that may not be targeted directly to a persona.

Content toolkit: Decision trees

Decision trees support decision-making by clearly laying out the questions that should be asked about content, and presenting the array of responses and consequences. This can be a really effective tool if your content team finds itself in these situations:

Content tool: Persona template

We recently wrote about personas for our blog series It’s all about the audience: From research to content tools. To help you get started creating your own, we’ve put together a persona template and quick instruction sheet.

How to design an effective content toolkit

One of the critical components in executing a content strategy is building out a tailored content toolkit. A content toolkit contains all of the supporting materials that people use at every stage of the content lifecycle.

Content toolkit: A checklist to reduce and simplify your content

Use this content checklist to find ways to trim down and simplify your content on your social media accounts, websites, and blogs.

Content toolkit: Digital competitive analysis template

An important part of developing a practical content strategy is understanding what your competitors are up to. Our digital competitive analysis template will help you get an overview of the content landscape in your industry.

How to use content model templates across teams

Liaising across teams over and over on web page formats or content modules is hardly an effective use of time. When we start working with clients, we often find situations where nearly every piece of content is being newly designed without consideration to consistency across similar types of content (or else just the opposite, with […]

Content toolkit: Stylistic editing checklist

Stylistic editing ensures content looks and sounds the way it is supposed to. The company’s style, brand, voice, and tone guidelines all come into play, which can be challenging when there are hundreds (if not thousands) of pages of content on multiple channels.

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