Content tool: Persona template

Create a persona to focus your content on audience needs

We recently wrote about personas for our blog series It’s all about the audience: From research to content tools. To help you get started creating your own, we’ve put together a persona template and quick instruction sheet.

If you’re not familiar with the different content elements that go into a persona, start with our post on personas and scenarios. The elements we’ve included here are:

  • basic content needs
  • identified problems
  • preferred content channels
  • topics of interest
  • key motivators

Remember you can and should adapt these content elements to suit your needs. Not sure what your needs are? That’s a sign you should take a step back and start with some audience research.

You’ll also need to add demographic information and fictional elements like a name and photograph. We often find photos with a creative commons license from flickr orĀ Unsplash.


Persona template

Download our persona template (docx)

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