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Good content organization part 1: What it looks like and why you should do it

Learn what a good system of content organization looks like, and how you can leverage metadata and taxonomies to improve your website for both users and content teams in a number of powerful ways.

Improving your content management: Organize and track content to keep it up-to-date

Outdated content due to poor content management is a common problem on large websites. Keeping track of which content needs to be updated, archived, and removed on an ongoing basis can seem daunting. We’ve put together a list of resources to help you tackle the problem from different angles, a little bit at a time.

Storytelling in business communication

Storytelling is at its most powerful in a business context when it’s used to communicate ideas and rally support for those ideas. This framework for storytelling in business communication can be applied by content people looking to get build an effective business case, get buy-in for content work, share ideas and successes, and more.

Developing website content writing tools for large rewrite projects

When multiple writers try to rewrite content for a large website to a single set of new standards, they’ll need website content writing tools that support them in creating content more quickly and consistently. Here, we break down what should be part of the content writing toolkit they’ll need to do their job well.

Building the right writing team for large rewriting projects

Having a good writing team in place is critical if you’re rewriting lots of content for a large website or intranet redesign.

Rewriting content for large websites and intranets

The quality of the on-page content directly impacts the quality of your user’s experience. With information-rich sites, getting to the on-page information is the reason why most users go the site in the first place. For most large site redesigns, this means rewriting the content.

Adding content to your UX methodologies

As a user-experience or customer-experience professional, you’re in a strong position to advocate for content strategy in your organization. If formal content strategy is not an option, you can adopt a “stealth content strategy” approach by quietly integrating content considerations into your current UX practices. It doesn’t need to take any extra time or budget […]

Levelling up: Improving content strategy skills at Confab

Senior strategist Blaine Kyllo talks about what he learned at Confab 2019 that will benefit clients of Content Strategy Inc

Confab 2019 happens this week and I can hardly wait to be there

At Confab 2019 Blaine Kyllo will be sharing some things he’s learned and he will also get a chance to learn things he can fold into his content strategy practice.

Content processes, part 3: The token is transformed by the process

The token is what is passed along in a content process, and helps you know when one process ends and another begins.

Content processes, part 2: Naming content processes

When naming content processes, it’s important to choose words that are clear, specific, and informative.

Content processes, part 1: Bringing business analysis to content

Content processes help streamline content operations by making sure everyone knows what they need to do.

Join us at ThoughtSummit to learn how BC Hydro redesigned their knowledge centre to be user-focused

Blaine Kyllo will be speaking at ThoughSummit in Vancouver on May 14. Be sure to register if you’d like to learn about how we helped BC Hydro build a knowledge centre.

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