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Authoring and governance models: Finding a balance

The type of governance model you choose is even more important to your content development processes, your content teams, and the quality of your content.

There are always decisions to be made about content. What content is needed? Who’s the audience? What’s the best format and channel? What’s the purpose? What’s the voice and style? What constitutes success? What’s the approval process?

Content governance determines who makes those decisions.

Improving your content management: Organize and track content to keep it up-to-date

Outdated content due to poor content management is a common problem on large websites. Keeping track of which content needs to be updated, archived, and removed on an ongoing basis can seem daunting. We’ve put together a list of resources to help you tackle the problem from different angles, a little bit at a time.

The importance of resilience in content teams

Resilience is important when you work in a content role. Building a culture of resilience in content teams creates stronger employees and working groups.

Stakeholder engagement part 2: Stakeholder interviews

Learn more about stakeholder interviews, the detailed conversations you should be having with your stakeholders.

Overheard at Confab 2021

Content Strategy Inc. strategist Emma Bedard discusses her key takeaways from Confab 2021.

Why your next content project needs stakeholder engagement

Understand what internal stakeholder engagement is and why it’s so important during content projects.

Designing a content maintenance plan for your website: Part 2

Defining the states in which your content can exist (published, archived, etc.) is important in building your content maintenance plan.

Designing a content maintenance plan for your website

Creating a content maintenance plan for your website is critical part of managing your content over its entire content lifecycle.

The nuts and bolts of content operations at LavaCon 2020’s online conference

At LavaCon UX 2020, I got a chance to explore how content work gets done.

Good content organization part 1: What it looks like and why you should do it

Learn what a good system of content organization looks like, and how you can leverage metadata and taxonomies to improve your website for both users and content teams in a number of powerful ways.

Storytelling in business communication

Storytelling is at its most powerful in a business context when it’s used to communicate ideas and rally support for those ideas. This framework for storytelling in business communication can be applied by content people looking to get build an effective business case, get buy-in for content work, share ideas and successes, and more.

Developing website content writing tools for large rewrite projects

When multiple writers try to rewrite content for a large website to a single set of new standards, they’ll need website content writing tools that support them in creating content more quickly and consistently. Here, we break down what should be part of the content writing toolkit they’ll need to do their job well.

Building the right writing team for large rewriting projects

Having a good writing team in place is critical if you’re rewriting lots of content for a large website or intranet redesign.

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