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From research to content tools: In-person interviews & focus groups

Start your audience research journey with a qualitative method. Speak to a sample of your audience in person to gather insights on their content experiences, attitudes, wants, and needs. Make sure you begin with a blank slate. This is your chance to uncover insights you might never have thought of – not to confirm your […]

It’s all about the audience: From research to content tools

The clients we work with typically understand how helpful audience research can be. They know research gives their audience a voice and aligns their stakeholders. Often, organizations we work with either have their own customer experience team, or partner with people who specialize in user experience research.

Evergreen or campaign content: which do I need?

It’s not uncommon for organizations to run with what they’re already comfortable producing. For many organizations, those are campaigns. For decades, agencies built their empires on the backs of global campaigns for giant brands, so it’s no surprise that, as a marketing strategy, the campaign is alive and well. But it’s more than just tradition. […]

Overcoming 5 sneaky pitfalls in audience and stakeholder interviews

In any content strategy effort, you’ll inevitably need information that other people have, whether they know it or not. Interviewing people can be hard work (which is why we have some general pro-tips). To help you get the most valuable information possible, we’ve come up with five sneaky challenges that often pop up and our […]

Kickstarting a content strategy for Flatev

We love tacos. So we were excited for the challenge when we were approached by the New York- and Zurich-based creators of Flatev, the at-home tortilla making appliance, to develop a content strategy for their Kickstarter page and accompanying microsite.

Two ways to share content ownership in large organizations

If you own content, you’re the one with the authority to say yay or nay to any publishing decision. For large corporations, content ownership is a complex issue that can get even more complicated when you oversimplify things by assigning content only one owner.

5 insights to help you manage organizational change for better content

Some of us at Content Strategy Inc recently attended the IIBA speaker event, Adding Change Management to a Business Analyst Skillset. Business consultant Alexander Stanisic shared his experience in helping companies align strategy, people, process, structures, and culture in order to execute lasting organizational change. There were so many great take-aways for us as content strategists! […]

Apples, oranges, and tofu: The importance of taxonomy in content strategy

On a Monday night in May, Content Strategy Inc senior content strategist Blaine Kyllo handed out dozens of 2 x 3” cards—one set for each of the three groups of assembled at the Vancouver Information Architecture and Content Strategy Meetup. Each card had a food product written on it, and the groups were asked to […]

A new model for content strategy

If you search online to figure out what content strategy is, be prepared to be confused. There are experts who define content strategy (many of them in fact) but their definitions are rarely in plain language and the number of variations and contradictions are overwhelming and confusing.

What is a digital ecosystem? Not what you think

The word ecosystem has become a popular buzz word in the worlds of business and media. But it’s not being used properly, which causes difficulties for the senior leaders of companies. They often don’t consider the actual meaning of the term, and the improper understanding and use of it leads to costly inefficiencies and missed business […]

Can content strategy be agile?

I’ve been challenged lately to think about agility and content strategy. Agile content, yes, absolutely I get that. But agile content strategy? Not so much. But I was challenged to convince both an agency client and large corporate client that we can do “agile content strategy”. Which we don’t.

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