It’s all about the audience: From research to content tools


Filling the gap between research and content tools: Our blog series

  • By Team CSI
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  • May 8 2017
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The clients we work with typically understand how helpful audience research can be. They know research gives their audience a voice and aligns their stakeholders. Often, organizations we work with either have their own customer experience team, or partner with people who specialize in user experience research.

Still, we find there’s a gap when it comes to getting the right information from this research: information that helps teams make content decisions. We’ve found our clients often lose the opportunity to leverage audience research in ways that will help improve content. And even when they do the right kinds of research, the information isn’t being turned into tools their content teams can use.

And so, here we are.

This blog series will fill the gaps in audience experience research and content tools. Part one will focus on how to get content insights from your research, and part two will explain how to turn these insights into useful, useable tools.

Part one: Audience research

In-person interviews and focus groups

Online surveys

Part two: Audience-focused content tools

Personas and scenarios

Audience messaging cards

Content mapping to customer journey

Content mix