Writing for web accessibility [Recording and slides]

What makes digital content accessible?
This May, Farah Hirani presented with the Vancouver User Experience Group (VanUE). She explains how to write content that lowers barriers for people with disabilities, and how the process can benefit everyone.

Content strategy insights from the E Source Forum

At the 2018 E Source Forum, Blaine Kyllo was asked to explain on video different aspects of content strategy.

E Source Forum presentation summary: Speeding up customer service through content strategy

Our senior content strategist Blaine Kyllo joined Ken Bell, BC Hydro’s Manager of Business Innovation and Operations Customer Service, on stage last week. The two shared how content strategy aimed at BC Hydro’s front-line agents reduced call time and cuts cost for the utility company.

Process to the people: How governance can power content teams [Slides]

Content leaders know how important it is to manage content through its lifecycle. If your content team is streamlined and efficient, you’ll do this by articulating content processes to make sure that everyone involved, from stakeholders to subject matter experts to content creators, has a shared understanding of the work being done.

Case study presentation: Lessons learned in content strategy

I was thrilled to co-present with Tourism Saskatchewan‘s Manager of Communications Elizabeth Braitenbach at MARCOM last week. Our case study presentation shared CSI’s step-by-step approach to implementing a content strategy with Tourism Saskatchewan, from discovery to solutions. Thanks again to the great people at MARCOM for inviting us!

Content mapping and customer journeys [Collective session slides]

For those who work with content, whether at an agency or in-house as a web editor, content strategist or content designer, copywriter or content manager, or user experience designer, content mapping is a highly valuable tool. Content Strategy Inc’s CSI’s Melissa Breker shared CSI’s approach to content mapping at Collective Conference.

Content teamwork: Aligning your people and process [Workshop slides]

But how are you actually going to make it work? Not just today, but tomorrow, and next year, and the year after that? Sound magical? Nope, it’s just good content governance. Kathy Wagner and Melissa Breker’s 2016 half-day Collective Conference workshop led participants through exercises and examples of how people and process fit into the larger content governance […]

The times, they are a-changin’: A new content strategy approach [Confab session slides]

We’re frustrated by the narrow view that some people have of content strategy. And trying to get budget and resources for content strategy seems almost impossible. The good news is, we’ve spent the past few years working through these problems and have introduced a new framework for content strategy that simplifies things. Kathy Wagner and […]

Video: Mapping content to customer journeys

Kathy spoke at Design & Content in Vancouver this August about Mapping Content to Customer Journeys. It’s a technique we often use at CSI to understand the content landscape of our clients. From it, we can pinpoint where the content gaps and opportunities are, and understand what content our clients already do well.

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