Content toolkit: Content RACI templates

Define roles and responsibilities in a content project

A RACI is a matrix used to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each person involved in a project. In content projects, a RACI forms the backbone of your content governance plan. It ensures all team members and stakeholders understand their role, and that of others, in the content creation process. It also helps to identify resources that may be over or under allocated.

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Depending on your organization, content RACIs can be simple or complex, high level or task-oriented.

We’ve created the following set of content RACI templates you can use and adapt to your own needs:

  • Basic content RACI: for simple content creation processes that don’t depend on other teams or departments
  • High level content leadership RACI: for communicating how different departments contribute to the content experience
  • Project content RACI: for large, complex projects
  • Channel content RACI: for direction on content roles by channel

Download Content RACI Templates for Defining Roles & Responsibilities (DOC).

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