Content governance and lifecycle management

Make sure you’re creating and updating the right content, at the right time, and in the right place. When you put systems in place for content governance and lifecycle management, your website audience can get the most recent, accurate, and on-message information.

Content governance and lifecycle management with CSI

When you work with us, we’ll help you develop content systems that make it easier for your team to manage content. We learn about your organization and build out detailed recommendations for your unique content lifecycle management challenges. Then, we give you improved systems to efficiently create, organize, track, archive, and update your content. That means a significantly better experience for your audience every time they return.

Our governance strategies offer recommendations and tools to optimize your content across its entire lifecycle. This may include:

  • Streamlining your content processes and workflows.
  • Clarifying content roles and responsibilities within your team, and between teams.
  • Identifying ways to measure the progress of your content lifecycle management implementation.
  • Defining new standards and guidelines.

Our process

We know every organization is unique. That’s why we start every project with a custom plan tailored to your needs and audiences. We include key activities and clear project milestones, so you know what to expect as we go forward.

Stage 1: Discovery and strategy

We take a deep look at your organization and your audience, using research and data to identify gaps and challenges in your current approach to content lifecycle management.


Some of the activities we may undertake include research and assessments of your company, current situation, and technical factors. This includes information gathering about your:

  • Business objectives
  • Employee and stakeholder authoring needs and capabilities
  • Project and technical goals and constraints

 It also includes comprehensive assessments of your:

  • Processes and governance, including team structures
  • Technology
  • Resources


We’ll produce comprehensive reports that detail:

  • Key findings and insights about your business, employees, and governance needs.
  • Specific problems and gaps in structures and processes.
  • A framework for designing a new approach to content lifecycle management.

Stage 2: Design

At this point, we define the structures, processes, roles and responsibilities, and support tools you will need to create a streamlined system of content lifecycle management.


We work collaboratively with your team, stakeholders, employees, and project groups on activities such as:

  • Defining and designing team structures, processes, roles and responsibilities, and content goals and objectives.
  • Designing support tools such as standards and guidelines, content submission forms, and style guides.


Outcomes may include:

  • Visuals showing content lifecycle management processes.
  • Recommendations about roles and responsibilities.
  • Design recommendations for content support tools.
  • Frameworks to support you as your governance and operations evolve.
  • A cohesive action plan outlining priorities, roles, tactics, and timing, with respect to budgets.

Stage 3: Implementation and maintenance

We can guide you through the change process, including:

  • Identifying pilot projects for smaller-scale changes that build support for bigger ones.
  • Evolving your action plan, with content support tools including standards and style guides.
  • Supporting your team to continually review, evaluate, and evolve your content lifecycle management.

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