Whether you’re planning to create a strategy, or you already have one, we’ve got resources to help you.

Content toolkit: Digital competitive analysis template

An important part of developing a practical content strategy is understanding what your competitors are up to. Our digital competitive analysis template will help you get an overview of the content landscape in your industry.

Content Mapping for Collaboration [Webinar Recording]

If you work with content, whether at an agency or in-house as a web editor, content strategist or content designer, copywriter or content manager, or user experience designer, you’ll benefit from this recording of Gather Content‘s webinar featuring CSI’s Melissa Breker. In this interactive session, Melissa showcased how to determine your organization’s readiness for change, and how to […]

How to use content model templates across teams

Liaising across teams over and over on web page formats or content modules is hardly an effective use of time. When we start working with clients, we often find situations where nearly every piece of content is being newly designed without consideration to consistency across similar types of content (or else just the opposite, with […]

The power of process: Meetup with Misty Weaver

On April 18, content strategist and University of Washington Information School instructor Misty Weaver bravely bussed it up to Vancouver from our neighbouring city of Seattle to present UX and Content: The Power of Process to a sell-out crowd ($5 bucks’ admission! What a deal!) at the group’s shiny new Brain Station venue.

Content toolkit: Stylistic editing checklist

Stylistic editing ensures content looks and sounds the way it is supposed to. The company’s style, brand, voice, and tone guidelines all come into play, which can be challenging when there are hundreds (if not thousands) of pages of content on multiple channels.

Best practices for archiving and deleting content

When we talk about the digital content life cycle, we typically break it into five stages: strategize and ideate, plan, design and create, evaluate, and finally, maintain.

Content toolkit: Unnecessary word list

Complex words and phrases make your web copy difficult to understand. When you do a copy editing pass, look for ways to simplify by replacing two and three-word phrases with pared-down versions.

Web writing best practices: Keep it lean

When you stuff your pages with extra articles, adverbs, and roundabout phrasing, your message gets fuzzy. Write lean and your readers will thank you.

Content toolkit: Substantive editing checklist

Substantive editing is the part of the writing and revision process that looks at what Ginny Redish calls, “the big picture”. It occurs in early drafts and addresses key messages, user needs, and structure.

Content toolkit: Content quality audit template

A content quality audit is a foundational activity that informs your content strategy by identifying strengths and weaknesses in existing content, and helping you to prioritize future content projects.

How to audit for content quality

And if you want to get serious about how your content aligns with your brand and impacts customer perceptions, then do a qualitative, or quality audit.

What is a digital ecosystem? Not what you think

The word ecosystem has become a popular buzz word in the worlds of business and media. But it’s not being used properly, which causes difficulties for the senior leaders of companies. They often don’t consider the actual meaning of the term, and the improper understanding and use of it leads to costly inefficiencies and missed business […]

Content toolkit: Content RACI templates

A RACI is a matrix used to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each person involved in a project. In content projects, a RACI forms the backbone of your content governance plan. It ensures all team members and stakeholders understand their role, and that of others, in the content creation process. It also helps to identify […]

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