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TELUS overhauls its content to improve customer support

Whether providing mobile devices and services to Canada, or Internet, landline, and television services to home owners in the western provinces of the country, TELUS has a reputation for superior customer service. But when they realized customers were getting stymied in the “Support” section of the website, they looked to CSI for help.

Content toolkit: Copy editing checklist

Copy editing is an important part of the writing and revision process. It’s one of the last touches on the copy before publication and is best done by someone other than the author. No one can catch all the typos in their own work, so fresh eyes on the words will help.

Glossary of content strategy terms

Content strategy is an expanding field that crosses the boundaries between user experience, information architecture, marketing, taxonomy, and technical communication. As content strategists, the language we use often means different things to different people, depending on where they come from.

A spring cleaning content toolbox

Kicking off a new year is always an exciting prospect. There’s optimism in the air. You’re starting fresh, with newly-minted ideas, plans, and strategies. “Get it done and make an impact” is your motto.

3 simple things you can do to improve your content, and your business, in 2016

The new year is always exciting because we think about how small changes in our thoughts or behaviours can make a big difference to our lives. This is just as true in our workplace as it is at home. For those of us running businesses, or leading teams, a small shift in our behaviour can […]

Video: Mapping content to customer journeys

Kathy spoke at Design & Content in Vancouver this August about Mapping Content to Customer Journeys. It’s a technique we often use at CSI to understand the content landscape of our clients. From it, we can pinpoint where the content gaps and opportunities are, and understand what content our clients already do well.

Can content strategy be agile?

I’ve been challenged lately to think about agility and content strategy. Agile content, yes, absolutely I get that. But agile content strategy? Not so much. But I was challenged to convince both an agency client and large corporate client that we can do “agile content strategy”. Which we don’t.

Understanding the Content Maturity Model

Updated March 2016 The content maturity model is a great way for to you see where your challenges and opportunities are around creating content. You can use it to align stakeholders and team members around a common understanding, and get them excited about evolving their content practices. Most importantly, it provides you with some structure and […]

7 tips for hiring the right writer

You already know that it’s more effective and cost-efficient to hire a professional writer to develop your business copy than, say, getting the product manager or designer to do it. But how can you make sure that your content investment pays off? And why do so many professional writers do a lousy job of getting […]

Content mapping part 2: Mapping content to customer journeys

This is the second in a two-part article about mapping content to customer journeys. If you haven’t yet read part one on the foundational elements of mapping content to customer journeys, please take a moment to have a quick read.

Content mapping part 1: Understanding content elements

Updated March 2016 Personas and customer journeys are fantastic tools to help understand who’s interacting with your organization, how, and why. But what about the content? By mapping content to existing customer journeys, you can show stakeholders how content impacts customer experience and then design for better content experiences.

Is the future of content well written?

Businesses are finally starting to understand the value of content. They understand it needs to be relevant to the audience. They certainly know it needs to engage and convert. Some even know that it needs to be structured and reusable. But very few people can recognize, let alone understand the value of, well-written copy.

2014: Top 5 content strategy trends for the CS industry

Make the future into something you’re proud of As we head into a new year, it’s always fun to think about what’s in store for us. But we sometimes miss the most important point of the future: that it will be whatever we make it. I challenge you all to actively engage in the content strategy industry in […]

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