Content governance

Content processes, part 2: Naming content processes

When naming content processes, it’s important to choose words that are clear, specific, and informative.

Content in Practice: Hilary Marsh on content strategy for associations

On the Content in Practice podcast, Hilary Marsh talks about the unique content context of associations and non-profits and the content challenges they face.

Content processes, part 1: Bringing business analysis to content

Content processes help streamline content operations by making sure everyone knows what they need to do.

Content in Practice: Elizabeth Braitenbach from Tourism Saskatchewan

On the Content in Practice podcast, Tourism Saskatchewan’s Elizabeth Braitenbach talks about her organization’s transformation to digital.

In Seattle this March? Learn how processes can streamline your content operations

Blaine Kyllo will be speaking in Seattle on March 7—be sure to register if you’re in town and would like to learn about content processes to help streamline your operations.

Content in Practice: Brandon Young and Chelsea Watt from BC Hydro

On the Content in Practice podcast, Brandon Young and Chelsea Watt from BC Hydro’s Digital Team talk about the governance of content on the utility company’s website.

Announcing CSI’s new monthly content governance podcast: Content in Practice

We’re thrilled to announce the start of a new podcast series we’re launching next week called Content in Practice: The Content Governance Podcast. In each episode, we explore aspects of content governance through the problems that content teams face in the real world, and ways that they confront and solve those problems.

Building a digital content team: Lessons from publishing and tech comm

Who do you need on your content team? Is it more important to cover every skillset with experts, or to focus on the most common tasks? We look to two content-focused industries to learn what works: media and technical communications.

Process to the people: How governance can power content teams [Slides]

Content leaders know how important it is to manage content through its lifecycle. If your content team is streamlined and efficient, you’ll do this by articulating content processes to make sure that everyone involved, from stakeholders to subject matter experts to content creators, has a shared understanding of the work being done.

It’s alive! The content lifecycle

Regardless of type or format, channel or platform, all content moves through a life cycle. It’s all conceptualized, planned, created, and maintained in some way by someone.

If you’re looking at improving your content processes, we recommend using the content lifecycle as a framework. This will ensure you have processes for every stage of your content.

Start the content strategy conversation: Prepare your organization for change

Leading organizational change isn’t easy. The first step is to understand whether the decision-makers actually see the same problems that you do in your content.

Content leaders: Manager, strategist, or practitioner?

In a job interview for a mid-level position, I was once asked “When you move into a senior role, do you see yourself as a strategist, a manager, or a practitioner?” Until that moment, I hadn’t realized that there are different paths that people can take to grow their skills and build their career. Now, […]

Team CSI gets certified in change management methodology

Becoming certified in change management means we’ll be able to help our clients more effectively during the implementation stage of content strategy.

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