Content governance

Servus Credit Union project wrap report

I grew up in Edmonton, partly. Most of my time at elementary school was spent collecting hockey cards and cheering for the Oilers. That was in the dynasty days when Gretzky, Kurri, and Messier were all there and Stanley Cup victories were a regular occurence.

Two ways to share content ownership in large organizations

If you own content, you’re the one with the authority to say yay or nay to any publishing decision. For large corporations, content ownership is a complex issue that can get even more complicated when you oversimplify things by assigning content only one owner.

Yahoo’s head of international media on managing a global content team

Being able to manage all of those things is how your content director ensures that your organization has content that is optimized and consistent, content that is created efficiently, content that serves your customers while fulfilling the goals of your business. Now imagine how difficult that job might be like if your content team was […]

5 insights to help you manage organizational change for better content

Some of us at Content Strategy Inc recently attended the IIBA speaker event, Adding Change Management to a Business Analyst Skillset. Business consultant Alexander Stanisic shared his experience in helping companies align strategy, people, process, structures, and culture in order to execute lasting organizational change. There were so many great take-aways for us as content strategists! […]

Content teamwork: Aligning your people and process [Workshop slides]

But how are you actually going to make it work? Not just today, but tomorrow, and next year, and the year after that? Sound magical? Nope, it’s just good content governance. Kathy Wagner and Melissa Breker’s 2016 half-day Collective Conference workshop led participants through exercises and examples of how people and process fit into the larger content governance […]

Top 4 content governance Q&As

Many of them come from conference attendees who take our governance workshop, Aligning People to Your Processes.

The power of process: Meetup with Misty Weaver

On April 18, content strategist and University of Washington Information School instructor Misty Weaver bravely bussed it up to Vancouver from our neighbouring city of Seattle to present UX and Content: The Power of Process to a sell-out crowd ($5 bucks’ admission! What a deal!) at the group’s shiny new Brain Station venue.

Best practices for archiving and deleting content

When we talk about the digital content life cycle, we typically break it into five stages: strategize and ideate, plan, design and create, evaluate, and finally, maintain.

Content toolkit: Content RACI templates

A RACI is a matrix used to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each person involved in a project. In content projects, a RACI forms the backbone of your content governance plan. It ensures all team members and stakeholders understand their role, and that of others, in the content creation process. It also helps to identify […]

How to use a RACI chart to define content roles and responsibilities

As a manager of a content team, you may find yourself having a head-on-desk moment at some point, frustrated by content processes that never seem to work.

TELUS overhauls its content to improve customer support

Whether providing mobile devices and services to Canada, or Internet, landline, and television services to home owners in the western provinces of the country, TELUS has a reputation for superior customer service. But when they realized customers were getting stymied in the “Support” section of the website, they looked to CSI for help.

3 simple things you can do to improve your content and your business

It’s amazing how small changes in our thoughts or behaviours can make a big difference to our lives. This is just as true in our workplace as it is at home. For those of us running businesses, or leading teams, a small shift in our behaviour can have an impact across departments, organizations, and industries. […]

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