3 simple things you can do to improve your content and your business

Small changes make a big difference

  • By Kathy Wagner
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  • Jan 4 2016
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It’s amazing how small changes in our thoughts or behaviours can make a big difference to our lives. This is just as true in our workplace as it is at home. For those of us running businesses, or leading teams, a small shift in our behaviour can have an impact across departments, organizations, and industries. More importantly, it can touch our customers in new and sometimes surprising ways.

Here are my top three suggestions for simple things you can do that can have a big impact:

Be good to the people on your content team

Odds are, they’re creating a ton of stuff but they could do a whole lot more for your business if you gave them a chance. Give them time to explore ideas, so they can be more creative. Give them authority to say “no” so they can better manage the quality of the content. Give them standards to follow so they’re not recreating basic solutions, in different ways, time and time again. Give them the education and training they need to continue to learn their craft and stay fired up. Give them a career, not a job, and they will do the most amazing things for your business.

Get to know your customers

When was the last time you sat down and spoke with your customers? I’m not talking about looking at analytics or research reports. Take a day and spend time to have real conversations with the people you serve and get to know them better. What inspires and motivates them? What are they worried about? What makes them happy, or angry, or frustrated, or bored? For one day of the year (or more!), spend time with your customers without any specific business objective. Just get to know them. You’ll be amazed at how much value that will bring to your business.

Care about your content

This is the way you communicate with your customers online, and through other channels. It’s what they see, and what represents your business. Care about the impact it has. Care about its quality and understand it’s a direct reflection on your business. Care about how the words are crafted, how the imagery conveys meaning, and how videos provide a human voice. Realize all of the wonderful things you can accomplish if you improve your content, and give it the time and attention it needs to move from being “something you do” to something that drives your business forward.