Whether you’re planning to create a strategy, or you already have one, we’ve got resources to help you.

Content strategy insights from the E Source Forum

At the 2018 E Source Forum, Blaine Kyllo was asked to explain on video different aspects of content strategy.

Content in Practice: Geoffrey Daniel from the Allard School of Law at UBC

On the Content in Practice podcast, Geoffrey Daniel (Twitter, LinkedIn) talks about bringing a user focus and content governance to the website of the Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia.

Adding content to your UX methodologies

As a user-experience or customer-experience professional, you’re in a strong position to advocate for content strategy in your organization. If formal content strategy is not an option, you can adopt a “stealth content strategy” approach by quietly integrating content considerations into your current UX practices. It doesn’t need to take any extra time or budget […]

Levelling up: Improving content strategy skills at Confab

Senior strategist Blaine Kyllo talks about what he learned at Confab 2019 that will benefit clients of Content Strategy Inc

Confab 2019 happens this week and I can hardly wait to be there

At Confab 2019 Blaine Kyllo will be sharing some things he’s learned and he will also get a chance to learn things he can fold into his content strategy practice.

Content processes, part 3: The token is transformed by the process

The token is what is passed along in a content process, and helps you know when one process ends and another begins.

Content processes, part 2: Naming content processes

When naming content processes, it’s important to choose words that are clear, specific, and informative.

Content in Practice: Hilary Marsh on content strategy for associations

On the Content in Practice podcast, Hilary Marsh talks about the unique content context of associations and non-profits and the content challenges they face.

Content processes, part 1: Bringing business analysis to content

Content processes help streamline content operations by making sure everyone knows what they need to do.

Join us at ThoughtSummit to learn how BC Hydro redesigned their knowledge centre to be user-focused

Blaine Kyllo will be speaking at ThoughSummit in Vancouver on May 14. Be sure to register if you’d like to learn about how we helped BC Hydro build a knowledge centre.

The importance of resilience in content teams

Resilience is important when you work in a content role. Building a culture of resilience in content teams creates stronger employees and working groups.

Content marketing and content strategy; a fishy relationship

One content strategist considers the complex relationship between content marketing and strategy, drawing from some unique experiences as a biologist.

Redesigning information-rich sites part 4: Rewrite your content

In this series, we’re looking at the most important steps you can take to make sure that you’re successful when redesigning an information-rich site. Part 4 focuses on how to rewrite your content.

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