Whether you’re planning to create a strategy, or you already have one, we’ve got resources to help you.

Redesigning information-rich sites part 1: Reduce your content

Part 1 of this series focuses on how to reduce your content by getting rid of any content that is not essential.

Three ways to use the Strategic Content Strategy Canvas

You can use the Strategic Content Strategy Canvas to facilitate discussions or a workshop with stakeholders, to guide how you approach and present your work, or as a way to provide a snapshot summary of the overall strategy.

Content in Practice: Brandon Young and Chelsea Watt from BC Hydro

On the Content in Practice podcast, Brandon Young and Chelsea Watt from BC Hydro’s Digital Team talk about the governance of content on the utility company’s website.

CSI’s Strategic Content Strategy Canvas

Download CSI’s Strategic Content Strategy Canvas and learn how to use it in this step-by-step instructional article. The canvas is a great way to ensure you have the necessary components in your content strategy, and can provide a quick snapshot for stakeholders of all the pieces of the content strategy.

Announcing CSI’s new monthly content governance podcast: Content in Practice

We’re thrilled to announce the start of a new podcast series we’re launching next week called Content in Practice: The Content Governance Podcast. In each episode, we explore aspects of content governance through the problems that content teams face in the real world, and ways that they confront and solve those problems.

Let’s put some strategy into our content strategy!

In his bestselling book, Good Strategy Bad Strategy, Richard Rumelt defines strategy states that a good strategy needs to include a diagnosis, a guiding focus, and a coherent action plan. In my experience, both content strategy consultants and in-house content leaders tend to be pretty good at some of these steps, but not so good at others. Let’s look at this more closely.

Why Marie Kondo’s magic doesn’t always work for content

Although many of Marie Kondo’s decluttering tactics from her new series on Netflix can be applied just as effectively to content, there are some tactics that can’t. Here are 5 “KonMari” tactics to avoid when tidying your content.

The workplace-changing magic of tidying up your content

Can Marie Kondo’s decluttering tactics from her new series on Netflix be applied just as effectively to content? The answer is yes! Overall, much of her approach to decluttering is spot on when it comes to content.

We’re presenting at Confab 2019!

We’re so excited that our senior content strategist Blaine Kyllo will be among an absolutely amazing line-up of presenters at Confab 2019 next April, talking about what he knows best: content processes.

E Source Forum presentation summary: Speeding up customer service through content strategy

Our senior content strategist Blaine Kyllo joined Ken Bell, BC Hydro’s Manager of Business Innovation and Operations Customer Service, on stage last week. The two shared how content strategy aimed at BC Hydro’s front-line agents reduced call time and cuts cost for the utility company.

Discovery for intranet content strategy

We’ve done several intranet content strategy projects recently and, although every project is unique, we’ve come across some common themes. With this in mind, there are questions to ask and things to watch for that are particular to intranet content strategy discovery activities.

It’s a Wrap! BC Hydro’s About Us section

Our most recent project with BC Hydro involved providing guidance and recommendations on a content strategy for the About Us section of We were tasked with delivering insights on audience needs, a user-focused information architecture, and content standards and guidelines for the section.

Use our content strategy roadmap to implement your content strategy

There can feel like a real gap between the successful development of a content strategy and its implementation.

Whether you’re an in-house content leader who’s developed a content strategy with your team (bravo!) or you’ve brought in content strategy experts to help, you may find it daunting to initiate the multiple changes set out in your new content strategy. One tool we always include in our content toolkit, and one that can help with this challenge, is the content strategy roadmap.

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