Confab 2019 happens this week and I can hardly wait to be there

  • By Blaine Kyllo
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  • Apr 18 2019
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Confab, the conference for content people, gets underway in Minneapolis on April 23. And I’ll be there this year for the first time.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. Everybody who’s ever been at Confab says it’s one of the best things they’ve ever attended.

And because I’m presenting, Confab 2019 is doubly thrilling. The conference is providing me with an opportunity to share some things we’ve learned and also for me to learn more things that I can fold into my content strategy practice.

I’m participating in two workshops on Wednesday that I expect will contribute to my edification. Dan Brown’s “Faciliation for content strategy” will level-up my ability to lead workshops, and Sarah Richards’ “Content ROI: Defining and measuring success” will help me understand different ways we can show the value of content and content practices.

On Thursday, April 25, I’m looking forward to seeing Kristina Halvorson, founder of Brain Traffic and Confab, open the main conference. And then I’ll be listening to all of the experts share their knowledge and experiences.

On the main stage, David Thomas will be talking about content ethics. More specifically, how cognitive bias can be mitigated by content strategy. I’m interested to learn how content creators can confront their implicit biases and help audiences see a better world.

In her talk “Accessibility is usability“, Sarah Richards promises to show us how all people benefit from content that is designed with all audiences in mind. We’ve often suggested to clients that all users benefit from content designed with simplicity as a principle, and designing for accessibility is a logical extension of that philosophy.

And Courtney McDonald will be talking about managing difficult stakeholder conversations in her talk cleverly entitled “Killing dreams softly“. I conduct many interviews with stakeholders, and hope to come away with some nuggets to help me be better.

Confab is about more than sitting in an auditorium and listening to people talk about content strategy. The organizers go out of their way to ensure that attendees are comfortable and welcome, and that there are just as many chances to have fun as there are to learn. They set up a Slack community just to help people connect and find those fun things.

There are small group dinners that attendees can sign up for, a karaoke at the Thursday night party, and a bunch of people are getting together to go watch the Baltimore Orioles play the Minnesota Twins.

It all starts this week. I can hardly wait.