Content strategy insights from the E Source Forum

Senior content strategist Blaine Kyllo interviewed at 2018 conference

Last year I had the privilege of presenting at the E Source Forum in Denver. The annual event is produced and hosted by E Source, a firm that provides research and consulting services to utility companies.

While I was speaking specifically about some work we’ve been doing for BC Hydro, Joy Herbers and Jessica Bailis asked me to answer some questions about content strategy on camera. They also spoke with Caroline Aoyagi-Stom, who is a digital content strategist at Southern California Edison leading the storytelling and newsroom teams.

The video clips were just published and we’ve been given permission to post those featuring me for posterity.

And maybe someone’s edification.

What is content strategy?


How do you assemble a content team?


Are you really creating content for everyone?


How do you manage content within a regulatory environment?


How do you measure content effectiveness?