Content mapping and customer journeys [Collective session slides]

Content mapping to determine readiness for change and gaps in content, and building a content mix that meets business and audience goals

For those who work with content, whether at an agency or in-house as a web editor, content strategist or content designer, copywriter or content manager, or user experience designer, content mapping is a highly valuable tool.

Content Strategy Inc’s CSI’s Melissa Breker shared CSI’s approach to content mapping at Collective Conference.

Using a childhood family road trip as a fun, unifying theme, Melissa showed participants how to map out factors that determine your organization’s readiness for change, and how to bring teams together to create a shared organizational vision around content. She guided session participants through identifying gaps in content, and highlighted opportunities to build a content mix that meets both business and audience goals.

Content and Customer Journeys from Content Strategy Inc.

A recording of a similar Gather Content workshop is also available.

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