Process to the people: How governance can power content teams [Slides]

Content process models

Content leaders know how important it is to manage content through its lifecycle. If you’re on the ball and your content team is streamlined and efficient, you’ll do this by articulating content processes to make sure that everyone involved, from stakeholders to subject matter experts to content creators, has a shared understanding of the work being done.

If that’s not quite where your content team’s at – you’re in luck.

Our senior content strategist Blaine Kyllo has facilitated workshops with numerous companies from different sectors to help them discover the processes that will improve how they work with content. In a presentation for Vancouver content strategists and information architects, Blaine shared the CSI approach to using process models for each phase of the life cycle.

Check out the presentation below to learn about process models, and how they can be used by any company in any industry sector to manage content throughout its lifecycle.

Process to the people: How governance can power content teams from Content Strategy Inc.

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