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Helping our clients manage the change of content strategy

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  • Jul 17 2017
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The senior members of our CSI team spent were in Parksville, BC recently at a three-day Prosci Change Management Certification Program. The course was an intensive immersion into Prosci research, methodology, and tools for the three stages of change.

States of change

  • preparing
  • managing
  • reinforcing

We chose to get certified by Prosci because we love their research-based, best practice approach. And after the three-day deep dive, we walked away with great tools and a lot of knowledge!

Key takeaways

Here are a few of the takeaways that stood out to us.

Kathy: One thing that stood out to me was the way there are different roles within change management. We help our clients understand different roles in the context of content strategy, so it’s interesting to think of supervisors, employees, project managers, and others in terms of their role in change. What are the roles of each position and why is it important that each particular position has this particular role?

Blaine: It was great to hear that some of the things we’ve already been doing are part of the change management process. It’s really important to engage people in what’s happening in their organization. We already engage with teams that are doing the work as part of our discovery process, and we have a collaborative approach to designing tools and systems. So these are things we’re already doing but had never thought of as change management.

Benefits for our clients

Becoming certified in change management means we’ll be able to help our clients more effectively during the implementation stage.

Kathy: We learned some great tactics to identify risks and find ways to be successful in organizations given their various challenges and strengths. We’ll be better able to coach our clients in making the necessary changes throughout our initial engagement and all the way through the change process. This means that content strategy frameworks and recommendations will be implemented more effectively. We know that’s one of the stumbling blocks our clients often have. They’re excited with their new content vision and approach but don’t know how to execute. The implementation stage is all about change so this will be a huge help to them.

Blaine: We’ll be able to strategically include change management questions in our research and other discovery work. Building change management into our plans from the beginning means that by the time we get to the end of a project, systems are in place, education has happened, and people are informed. We won’t be leaving people with just a report and some content tools, but can also provide strategies and support to help them manage the change.

Thanks again to Prosci for the great experience (which included fun daily activities to get us dealing with change!) We’re already putting our new knowledge and tools to use!

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